Want to enhance your book, fire up your staff, and help build a culture of human connection?

You NEED to book Joe for your next live event!

I cannot praise Joe enough, and you will be so glad to have made the decision to invite him to your school district.

Elizabeth Dickson

High School Counselor, Omaha, NE

Combining humor, authenticity, heart, and soul, international speaker Joe Beckman shares five specific phrases he believes all humans need to hear…especially today. The result is a refreshing, authentic, and down-to-earth approach to finding self-worth (Love YOU), resilience (Push Through), confidence (Fail On), joy (Yeah Toast!), and maybe most importantly, human connection (Just Look Up).


Digital or LIVE!


Messages for your entire school community (student, staff, and parents!)


Follow up activities, PD, and video content throughout the year!

Since your visit, I have seen a growing appreciation for your work and what it represents.  A lot of “I love your face” comments have been shared with one another when I have been present.  The concepts of looking up and building connections have been referenced often.  There also have been comments of thankfulness for your resources.  Literally multiple examples of your positive impact on our district.

Ryan Holman

Superintendent, Snowline Schools, CA